What are the benefits we can bring?


Large scale business changes are typically complex, costly and risky. Great project management increases the likelihood of success.


We have supported organisations with such challenges for over 20 years. We support the full project lifecycle from discovery, through initiation, requirements, design, delivery and closure.


In some cases, we are asked to recover problematic projects or perform post-project reviews to extract the learning.

Project Leadership

We have run over 100 projects in a range of sectors and functional areas. There isn’t a typical project but they normally deliver significant business change and involve products, services, reorganisation, construction, process and systems.

All organisations are in a state of constant change – it’s a fact of life. Such change carries risk and absorbs money and focus from the ‘day job’. It is, therefore, imperative that change is led properly, from start to finish. We can provide that leadership.

Project Leadership
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Programme Office

We have supported many companies with their large programmes, in partnership with programmExpress, and their programme reporting tool.

We help organisations set up the tool, train their staff and apply to their programme. We also support if required organisations with long term progrramme office support in conjunction with the use of programmExpress on-site or remotely.

Programme Office


We provide mentoring services by sharing our knowledge, skills and experiences to assist others in the progression of their own lives and careers.  We tailor these programmes to fit the needs to the needs of the individuals


People Development

Setting up a project properly is vital – here is an interview with Stuart Copeland which was filmed as part of a people development exercise at Objectivity in Poland.

Our Mentoring Services

Case Studies

Inchcape – Process Design (049)

We conducted a business process review and design in advance of the implementation of a new dealer management system for this multinational automotive retail and services company.

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Who we are

Passionate about business improvement

Stonac Limited was formed in July 2000 by the husband and wife team of Stuart and Fiona Copeland. Feedback from our customers typically includes words like focused, tenacious, rigorous and organised. We’d also like to think we inject some energy and fun to the subject.

We are passionate about business improvement and that includes our own, so we keep up to date with techniques and developments relevant to our work. We are supported by a strong and experienced network of Associates who offer additional capacity and complementary skills.

Fiona and Stuart

From the blog

Transition to Omnichannel Direct Sales

Posted on 07/03/2021 by Stuart Copeland

Let us take a look in more detail about some of the changes accompanying omni-channel direct sales and what it might mean for the OEMs and their networks.

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From ‘Online’ to ‘Ecommerce’

Posted on 11/02/2021 by Stuart Copeland

There have been loads of articles in the automotive media about online car sales and lots of views and some conflicting opinions. In this article, we wanted to provide a hypothetical case study where cars are sold through the omnichannel direct sales model.

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Guest Blog: IR35 Friend or Foe

Posted on 16/01/2021 by Stuart Copeland

We thank Simon Knocker from thebigteam for this thought provoking article. He asks whether Freelance Consultants should fear or welcome the changes to the IR35 rules in April 2021.

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