The Project Triangle

Posted on 23/04/2019 by Stuart Copeland

In simple terms, the project triangle shows the relationship between scope, time and cost. The fourth dimension is quality which sits in the middle of the triangle and, typically, can’t be altered. You might reduce the number of deliverables in a project but those left must work properly!

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Five Lessons from a Freelancer

Posted on by Stuart Copeland

Stonac was set up in July 2000 but I left my job in May that year. The company I worked for was sold and I fancied a change so took the plunge after 16 years at Lex.

It is easy to deduce from that statement that I have been an independent for longer than I had a ‘normal’ job, so I thought I would mark the milestone with this story. It may help readers thinking about the world of the freelancer or those who are new to it.

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