Our Background

We have run over 100 projects in a range of sectors and functional areas. There isn’t a typical project, but they normally deliver significant business change and involve products, services, reorganisation, construction, process and systems. We have worked with a range of organisations:

  • Car companies including Audi, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Peugeot, Porsche and Volkswagen
  • Business services including Babcock International, Bureau Veritas, Coincidence, Lex Transfleet, Objectivity, QCG and VT Group.
  • Retail including Inchcape, Laurel Pub Group, MCL Group and Costa
  • Public and higher education including East of England Development Agency, Nottingham Trent and Bath Universities

The Future for Automotive

Electrification, consumer behaviour, connected cars, new sales models, different manufacturing processes are all driving rapid change in the industry. Consumers are used to retail experiences that seamlessly blend the physical and the digital. Our contention is that an omni-channel approach with a great e-commerce process is required.

The Change Needed is Difficult But the Race is On. It’s not just building a website. Structural challenges include integrating systems, creating the e-commerce operation and reallocating property. People challenges include altering dealer network relationships, changing culture and adding new skills or capabilities. However, the race is on, Tesla are there already and being last is not an option.

Automotive Case Studies