125 Years’ Change in 125 (or now 12) Months

Posted on 11/05/2020 by Stuart Copeland

I wrote a short article last year entitled ‘125 Years’ Change in 125 Months’. Given what has happened since, and my involvement in the Atonic4 partnership, I felt it was worth an update.

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Our Book is Launched!

Posted on 22/04/2020 by Stuart Copeland

Our contention is that, increasingly, as businesses have become leaner, medium important, medium complex projects are staffed by in-house resources working on them as ‘homework’.

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More Collaboration

Posted on 18/12/2019 by Stuart Copeland

We are a small consultancy and we don’t pretend otherwise. But the relationships we have with people in business mean we work for some very big companies. How is this possible?

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PCD Support Charity Update

Posted on 08/11/2019 by Stuart Copeland

We regularly support the PCD Family Support Group – most recently facilitating Strategy meeting and talking at the Genomics England Research Conference.

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US Grand Prix 2019

Posted on 06/11/2019 by Stuart Copeland

As I have said before, I am part of a Fantasy Formula 1 League. I write a couple of race reports each season. I have more success with these than my performance in the actual league. I’m 136th out of 152 at the last look. I hope you like the report. 🙂

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125 Years’ Change in 125 Months

Posted on 25/07/2019 by Stuart Copeland

I have worked in and about the automotive sector since the mid eighties. During that time, plenty has changed but mostly in the detail. Cars are boxes with internal combustion engines. They are sold by manufacturers, through wholesalers, to retailers. Consumers have typically bought the car, albeit using finance products.
In my view, the business change curve was horizontal for 125 years but has now gone vertical. But what does it mean for project management?

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The Use of Language in Project Management

Posted on by Fiona Copeland

I’ve done a few training and speaking engagements over the last few years. I’ve found these very interesting for all sorts of reasons. It was nice to have a room full of people interested enough in project management to listen to me rabbit on. Royal Holloway I support Andy Coaton as one of his guest speakers … Continued

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