Project Office

For those of us in the project management delivery business 2020 has been an interesting year. Many businesses have had to put their business change projects on hold in order to manage the day to day activity relating to the Covid crisis. Now they are in recovery mode but I believe that soon they will have to address the backlog of projects and what their ongoing project activity needs to be.

Cast your mind back to the global financial crisis. After the banks nearly failed, Governments insisted they bolstered their capital reserves to prevent another catastrophe. Few organisations were resilient when today’s crisis struck. I expect shareholders to adopt a similar stance and insist on more fat on balance sheets and better business continuity arrangements.

Are you working differently now? I am and I expect some of what we are doing now will stay forever. Therefore, organisations have started adapting their day to day operations, their property requirements, their travel policies and so on.

Have you changed your buying habits? Maybe more local? Maybe more online? Customers’ behaviour and expectations changed during lockdown. We went on a 12-month digital training course, compressed into about four weeks. Organisations are already changing to reflect this.

And they’ll do it fast to avoid losing market share.

Stressed PM

Care needs to be taken to avoid stress and burnout of staff who end up trying to deliver these projects – with pressures on spend, headcount being aligned to demand, project backlogs being prioritised to those that are business critical and short term reluctance to use external support we are likely to see more people working on ‘projects as homework’.

If you think you can relate to this scenario – I would be happy to offer some tips and tricks on how to mitigate these risks for your project teams. Contact me!