It is quite common for customers to ask us to perform ‘discovery’ and feasibility work as they decide whether to embark on large business changes. Occasionally, customers require help with a project that has run into trouble and to understand the lessons to prevent recurrence.


We have run several such exercises for a range of customers including:

  • Audi UK
  • Babcock – several divisions
  • Heathrow (through Babcock)
  • Volkswagen Group
Aims of the Projects

Most interventions are sensitive so we will not share detail here.

Measures Implemented

Obviously each intervention is unique but there is a broad framework adopted for each one, as follows:

  • Agree the methodology
  • Confirm stakeholders, sources of information, interviewees, required outputs, etc
  • Workshops, 121s and small group meetings
  • Analysis and validation of information gathered
  • Report /┬áPresentation of report headlines at final review

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