Audi launched Functions on Demand in Europe in 2020 which was its first connected car digital service. It was also one of its first two direct to consumer services. We supported the Audi UK team deliver the programme from Audi AG’s decision to ‘Go’, through to implementation.


Audi UK required support to pull together a UK programme for the implementation of Functions on Demand. We worked with the senior team to put together multi-disciplinary workstreams and a structure to work with the Audi AG central team that was delivery the technology.


Working with the UK team, we designed, tailored and implemented a wide range of processes, across a wide range of areas, including legal, commercial, digital, network and planning. We also had to adjust working practices when the global pandemic hit in March 2022. The mid and final stages of the project were delivered with a fully remote team.


Functions on Demand was launched with e-tron and subsequently rolled out as new models arrived.

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