New grant funding team and process.


East of England Development Agency (EEDA) was one of nine English regional development agencies tasked with improving the region’s economic performance and ensuring the East of England remains one of the UK’s top performing regions.

Issues / Challenges

Setting up a team, processes and systems from a variety of different existing teams, processes and systems.

Aims of the project

When it was established, EEDA amalgamated several bodies and schemes into one. Stuart Copeland was engaged to create a new grant funding team and harmonise the processes and system for that team.

Measures implemented

Stage one was the creation of the team which required organisational design, people specifications and job descriptions. He managed the consultation and recruitment process and the team was established within four months.

Stage two was the creation of a harmonised process and system for grant applications and monitoring. The new system had to be available to the whole organisation although the transaction would be managed by the grant team. Stuart agreed some principles with the stakeholders as follows:

  • Use existing technical infrastructure
  • Use proprietary components and tools
  • Use existing conventions (i.e. MS Office, e-mail, etc)
  • Keep simple
  • Keep flexible


The system was designed and developed on time and on budget. All the necessary staff were trained and documentation completed. It was implemented and operational in time for the new financial year as planned.

Learning points

  • The need for testing and contingency plans when implementing a stock gap system (temporary measure)
  • In this case, the project sponsor used the system for longer than intended and so it had to be built with consideration for its longevity

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