To perform an auditing exercise for the customer, this being a requirement of their contract with their customer.


The company runs a contract to maintain equipment for the government. The project provided the government services with the equipment, procedures and training to respond to major national incidents, whether terrorist related or caused by natural incidents or accidents. The company runs the contract from multiple UK sites where it manages a fleet of emergency vehicles and equipment.

As part of the agreement, a number of audits have to be performed, periodically through the contract. We were engaged to perform the audit required in 2013.

Issues / Challenges

• Finding information about activities occurring up to 4 years prior to the audit
• Finding enough documentary evidence that was strong enough to meet the requirements of DCLG Finance

Aims of the project

• Identify cashable savings made during the life of the contract to date
• Identify potential areas of the contract to explore for further cashable savings

Measures implemented

• Agreed methodology, plan, updates and interview templates
• Interviews with stakeholders
• Analysis and validation of information gathered from interviews
• A detailed and comprehensive report
• Presentation of report headlines at final review


A clear, credible and independent demonstration of the level to which the management of the contract had improved its value for money and delivered tax payer savings since it started.

Learning points

Secure the commitment of resources required on the project as early as possible and find a way to guarantee their commitment to the time required

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