Talking Agency

Posted on 17/05/2022 by Stuart Copeland

A few days dominated by automotive direct sales, or more commonly known as Agency!

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Used Car Disrupters

Posted on 21/02/2022 by Stuart Copeland

Two good articles from the last few days discussing how the automotive sector is evolving in response to recent new entrants Cazoo and Cinch.

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20 Questions for Retailers to ask OEMs re Agency

Posted on by Stuart Copeland

Key questions for Retailers to ask the OEM. The answers retailers receive, and the input they have on the shape of the final agreement, will have a major bearing for retailers on how happy they are with the model imposed upon them. 

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A Lively Start to 2022

Posted on 17/01/2022 by Stuart Copeland

The automotive sector ended 2021 and started 2022 in a lively fashion with some significant events.

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Transition to Omnichannel Direct Sales

Posted on 07/03/2021 by Stuart Copeland

Let us take a look in more detail about some of the changes accompanying omni-channel direct sales and what it might mean for the OEMs and their networks.

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From ‘Online’ to ‘Ecommerce’

Posted on 11/02/2021 by Stuart Copeland

There have been loads of articles in the automotive media about online car sales and lots of views and some conflicting opinions. In this article, we wanted to provide a hypothetical case study where cars are sold through the omnichannel direct sales model.

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