Are you a Project Manager in a large organisation?

Are you facing recurring issues on your project? Are you battling to gain the support of people for the project in the competition between it and business as usual? Do you find it difficult to keep the mega busy senior people engaged? Maybe it’s hard to keep the team pointing in the right direction?

These are common challenges on most projects (yes, we have experienced them all) and they can jeopardise the project’s delivery, with the associated pain that causes.

So, what can you do?

Are you a Freelance Project Manager or Consultant?

Are you reliant on a small number of customers? Are you worried about the size of your network? Is it all a bit feast and famine? Do you typically work on one thing at a time? Do you worry about coming to the end of an engagement?

These are common challenges for many freelancers (yes, we have experienced these too). They can lead to anxiety and loss of focus, as well as the obvious problem of irregular revenue.

So, what can you do?

Project Sponsors

Is this the first time you have been asked to sponsor a project? Is your project very complex and critical, with a blend of permanent and freelance resource? Do you wish to develop the individuals working on it? Are you worried about the start-up process? Are you wrestling with this and your day job?

These are quite understandable concerns and they are a risk to your reputation if the project goes wrong.

So, what can you do?

An Answer

Our Mentoring Programme offers support to individuals and/or groups to overcome these concerns. Everyone is different, so we tailor the programme accordingly.

For project managers, we can provide support across the whole life cycle of a project/programme, helping them solve their own problems and learn how the methodology can be their friend. For freelance project managers/consultants, we can help with their business development and the reduction of famine and feast. For project sponsors, we can act as a sounding board and provide an external perspective. In some cases, this extends to support for the project team too.

How does it work?

Given the nature and pace of the project environment, the programmes are designed to make the most of phone/online meeting sessions. A typical structure is:

  • Kick off session: objectives and plan agreed
  • Regular phone / online meeting sessions booked
  • Face to face sessions booked, if necessary
  • There is no limit to the contacts
  • Occasional webinars and our newsletter

Contact us to design a programme

    Why Us?

    Stuart is an experienced Project Leader who has:-

    • Thirty-five years’ experience in business and project management, working in multiple sectors and functional areas.
    • Supported people on projects he has led, as a natural bi-product of leadership. Helped people at career turning points, often as they move to freelance working. Advised and supported other freelance consultants.
    • Membership of the Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Interim Management and the British Computer Society and is Prince2 and MSP accredited.

    “Stuart’s support has been a key ingredient in my move to a flexible, portfolio way of working which has increased the breadth of my offer to customers and a wider group of projects.”

    — Darren Marshall, CMI Synergy

    “Working alongside Stuart on a large project, followed by his continued support gave me the confidence to explore new ways of working in my own business. and so far, so good!”

    — Kerry Thompson, Akeno