As Spring transitioned to Summer, and the UK entered lockdown, four organisations embarked on their own metamorphosis. The result was the birth of Atonic4; an alliance of four industry-leading organisations, each with their own strengths and demonstrable successes, but together, forming the ultimate medley of skills, experience and practical industry knowledge.

Those organisations are: AkenoemvaStonac and thebigteam.

At the heart of our alliance, are values. They underpin everything we do. We summarise our values under the following headings:


Much more than working together and working well with our Clients. We are a critical friend, we learn together, and we always ensure a win-win outcome.


For us, it’s the old cliché of ‘being like a dog with a bone’, but making sure we’re ‘doing the right thing’ and with the ‘appropriate rigour’ at all times. 


Working in an open and honest way, as you’d expect, but put simply, we don’t believe in hidden agendas. We won’t be shy in telling you about what we can do for you, but equally, we will admit if we can’t. 


We will always hold ourselves accountable to work in the right way; not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we truly believe in it, and wouldn’t work in any other way.


Humans crave learning; it’s deep rooted in our DNA. From birth, learning defines and shapes us; it makes us who we are. And within Atonic4, curiosity and learning is definitely in our DNA; we love change, we love different challenges and experiences, and we thrive on using these experiences and learnings to make a difference.

Check out our video where we talk about Atonic4’s values.

So, how does this all work in practice, and what do we actually do? Quite simply, it works by us delivering rapidly; and not just ticking the “delivered” box; we embed the delivery and ensure the operational processes and practices are in place to support it moving forward.

One of our first focuses will be to work with clients to deliver accelerated direct selling and omni-channel capability. We are technology agnostic and will work with the client’s technology partner of choice. We have extensive first-hand Retailer experience and will work with the network to embed a win-win solution. 

Importantly though, we do all of this with the backbone of rigour and structure. We truly believe we deliver the best of both worlds; agility and pace, with governance and precision.

You may be asking why our focus is direct selling and omni-channel?

We believe that the only thing certain in the new world (the period when businesses start to operate again) will be choice. Consumers have always wanted choice, but they demand it now more than ever, and that demand for choice is likely to increase. For example, moving forward, will people want to spend 20 minutes in a car with a salesperson whilst they do a test drive? Perhaps not. Will people want to go into a busy shopping centre or retailer to browse cars; maybe, maybe not.

Ultimately, for the first time, perhaps ever, we can’t second guess human nature and we certainly can’t second guess Mother Nature! This is why we believe we must deliver omni-channel solutions that satisfy as many customer choices as possible. Direct selling is a channel that must be explored as part of that omni-channel solution.

Quite simply, if a business doesn’t offer choice, or consumers are unable to access it, they will simply go to a business who can; your competitor.

To find out more about the adventure we are able to take you on, contact us, or check out our Readiness Checklist. We’re here to escalate and accelerate your strategy.

We’re here to help you learn, adapt and evolve.