I’m delighted that our book, ‘The People Project Triangle’, written with Andy Coaton, has just been published by Business Expert Press.

Our contention is that, increasingly, as businesses have become leaner, medium important, medium complex projects are staffed by in-house resources working on them as ‘homework’.

Analogous to the classic ‘Project Triangle’ (a trade-off between cost, time and scope), we maintain there is a ‘People Project Triangle’, with a trade-off between the project, the ongoing business, and the people working in both the business and the project.

When pressure mounts, generally, only two of those can be prioritised and one has to give. We observe that it is often the people that bear the brunt, with subsequent implications of stress and burnout.

We help you identify these projects and provide suggestions on how to manage them more effectively. But we would also like to start a debate and hear from people with their experiences.

You will find the book here and a video that explains its content is below.